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Considering hiring us?

Please reach out if you have more questions or would like more information.


  • What is your rate?

    • We charge an initial fee of $200 and then an additional $100/hour of performing. This fee covers personal practice, music preparation and purchase, instrument upkeep, travel time and mileage, and additional equipment. ​

  • How far away from Denver can my event be?

    • Since we are a Denver-based business, we will travel within 50 miles of our Denver home. Anything beyond that, we are happy to discuss mileage and potential accommodation requirements!​

  • Can I request samples?

    • Yes! If there's something specific you'd like at your event, please reach out to us for a brief sample.​

  • My event is outdoors, can you play outdoors?

    • We are able to play outdoors, with limitations. Because our instruments are wooden and fragile, we are unable to perform in temperatures below 60° F or in rainy conditions without shelter.​

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